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How many different types of pugs are there?

It’s hard to mistake a pug for another breed of dog. From their expressive wrinkles to their bongo-shaped body, there’s no other breed like them. But, there are some attributes that look a bit different from pug to pug (and we’re not just talking about their personalities!).


You’ll see pugs in four colors: fawn, black, apricot, and silver. Fawn pugs are the most popular, and you’ll typically see them with a black face mask.

fawn pug

@scamperthepug (fawn)

apricot pug

@lennonandbutch (apricot)

black pug

@daily_dose_of_ferguson (black)

silver pug

@luna.the.platinum.pug (silver)


Pugs’ ears can come in two different shapes: button and rose. The easiest way to distinguish between them is to see how the ears impact their face shape. Button ears will typically come straight out from the pug’s head, extending the top of their head on either side. Rose ears, on the other hand, will tilt downward and accentuate the pug’s round face and really hug their face.

button ears

@marshawnthepug (button)

rose ears

@minnieandmuffin (rose)

While those are the two primary ear shapes, some pugs sport flying button ears. Flying button ears have the same shape as the more traditional button ears, but they don’t lie flush to the pug’s head. Instead, there’s a little bit of space between the ears and the head. (We like to think it looks like the pug is constantly in flight, not just their ears!)

flying button ears

@siroscarpuggington (flying button)


Pugs have a few signature features, but one of our favorites is their tail. There are two definitive types of tails: single- and double- curled. A double curled tail doesn’t mean your pug is more tightly wound: they’ll still be a relaxed, easy companion.

single curl pug tail

@princessgigi_pug (single curl)

double curl pug tail

@davincivonlehensteyn (double curl)

The differences between these variations are subtle, and we can all agree that whether a pug has rose ears, button ears, and a double curl or not, they’re one of the cutest breeds out there.