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10 things only pug owners understand

It isn’t just pugs’ wrinkly faces that make them unmistakable. Their distinct, quirky personalities not only make them absurdly loveable, but unite anyone who knows the breed. If you call yourself a pug owner, you likely know the following 10 things to be true:

1. They’re the class clown 

If dog breeds were assigned superlatives, pugs would be a shoo in for class clown. If you’re lucky enough to own one, you know why — and if you’ve spent more than 10 minutes with one, we bet you do, too! They’re born entertainers and will always be there to make you laugh.

2. They’re needy

And not in a bad way! (If anything, most pug owners kind of like it.) But if you’re getting up, sitting down, or even going to the bathroom, you may have a hard time shaking your four legged shadow.

3. They don’t just bark…

Have you ever had the pleasure of hearing the array of sounds a pug can make? Whether it’s a snort, sneeze, or scream (yes, scream) these little pups are full of surprising sounds.

4. It’s a sprint, not a marathon 

Pugs aren’tlazy, but they’re not the ideal running partner, either. Their energy comes in short bursts, and after a play session or two they’re ready to sleep the rest of the day.

5. Expert snugglers 

Every pug owner knows that their pup is ready to sleep the vast majority of the day. And, since they aren’t ones to believe in personal space, they’d much rather be curled up next to you than, well, anywhere else.

6. Personal space heaters

With all of that snuggling comes another added benefit: pugs run hot (their base temperature is between 101 and 102 degrees) and can function as little space heaters under a blanket.

7. They leave pieces of themselves everywhere

And we don’t just mean that they touch a lot of hearts. Pugs shed — a LOT — and every pug owner knows that a good grooming routine is as necessary as a lint brush. 

8. The ultimate companion 

People say dogs are man’s best friend, but there aren’t many breeds that were bred with that purpose in mind. Centuries of breeding has led pugs to be the ultimate companion pup.

9. Cutting nails? Funny joke 

We’ve heard it all: stories of exhausting nail cutting sessions, pugs being banned by certain groomers, and exasperating attempts at finding a tool that can work. A lot of dogs hate getting their nails cut, but we think it’s safe to say pugs are themost dramatic about it.

10. Did someone say food?! 

Last — but certainly not least — is pugs’ obsession with food. If you open the fridge (or, even better, a treat bag), you’ll hear your pug running.