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How to clean your pug's wrinkles

One of the signature features of pug’s is their adorable wrinkles. And, like all of our best features, those wrinkles deserve a beauty routine of their own!

Joking aside, it’s incredibly important that you routinely clean your pug’s wrinkles. Think about it: many of those folds are right next to their little nose and mouth, so when they drink, eat, or lick their nose (and they love to lick their noses), they’re exposing those deep folds to water and food. Moist, dark places like these are a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria, which can lead to some pretty unpleasant infections.

Now that we’re on the same page about the importance of cleaning your pug’s folds, let’s get into the down and dirty of how to actually do it.

The first time you clean your pug’s wrinkles, make sure you have treats on hand. (Actually, every time you clean your pug’s wrinkles, have treats on hand. They’ll love you even more for it!) The only other thing you’ll need is a wipe or cleaning cloth.

Start off by gently spreading apart one of those folds. Wipe down into the fold as far as you can — without applying too much pressure — as the moisture and bacteria typically accumulate at the base of the fold. Repeat this swiping motion until the wipe comes back completely clean, then move on to the next fold. Before calling it a day, be sure that all of the wrinkles are completely dry with a cloth or tissue so you don’t undo all of the work you just did.

If you really want to pamper your pup, you can use a balm or cream on your pug’s folds that creates a water repellent barrier. This will stop moisture or debris from getting into their folds, working like chapstick.

You’ll want to repeat this process three times a week at a minimum. And, if you notice your pug itching their wrinkles or any redness or irritation you’ll want to increase that frequency. Your pug deserves a daily beauty routine after all!