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All about your pug's wrinkles

From their wrinkly foreheads to their curly tails, pugs are one of the cutest breeds out there. (When that curly tail gets a grip on your heart, there’s not much you can do about it!) As pug enthusiasts, we wanted to learn more about one of their signature features — and found out they’re even more of a signature than we thought.

If you recently brought home a pug puppy you may be wondering: where are my pug’s wrinkles? There’s no need to fret, though. While most puppies have loose skin on their foreheads, their wrinkles don’t actually form until they’re 9 to 18 months old.

When wrinkles do form they’ll be along your pug’s forehead and muzzle. While the location is the same for different pugs, the pattern is unique to each pup. Wrinkles can vary in location, length, and depth. (If your pug has deep wrinkles, it’s even more important to make sure you’ve got a cleaning routine in place.) Rumor has it that pugs’ wrinkles were originally bred into them to make the Chinese character for “prince”.

While that might be a stretch, these wrinkles are genetic. By taking a look at your pug’s parents you can get a pretty good idea how your pug’s wrinkles will come into place and age over time.

While all pugs have wrinkles, no two pugs’ wrinkles are exactly the same. (And that’s just another reason why they’re the best breed. You know, if you ever find yourself wondering how to win that argument…)